Mobile resources

CareerConnectED is opening up access to a number of their resources to be used outside of the facility to Consortium members. Check our website monthly for updated equipment and resources.  Materials can be picked up at The CareerConnectED Center and kept for a duration of 7 days. When returning materials, please include a list of student's names and grade that were impacted by the resource.  

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Click here to check out Break OUt Kits

Breakout boxes in the classroom can be adapted to any curriculum as well as grade level. Create your own puzzle or check out to see free ready to use resources.

The boxes are a tool that can:

  • Provide Engagement
  • Kickoff for PBL
  • Clues could be a summative/formative assessment
  • In lieu of quizzes
  • Student created puzzles for practice
  • Student designed BreakOut projects